Top 10: vibrant kindergartens from around the world


10 architectural firms embarked on childhood to create vibrant spaces for play and learning


Moscow, Yuzhnoe Chertanovo

A round kindergarten designed by Buromoscow has become the protagonist of the Yuzhnoye Chertanovo district. Thanks to the panoramic glazing of the first floor, the effect is created as if the building is hovering above the ground. Each of the levels is given to groups of different ages. On the second and third floors, there are windows in the shape of various sea inhabitants – fish, jellyfish and shrimp. The roof is equipped for walking, and colored glass is used in the corridors of the courtyard. The premises are decorated in the spirit of Scandinavian minimalism: natural materials, a neutral color palette with bright accents, simple and clear forms.

Moscow, Basmanny District

Residents of the & nbsp; Basmanny & nbsp; district became one more lucky ones. Here the kindergarten was designed by Asadov's architectural bureau. The building consists of & nbsp; two buildings, each of which & nbsp; protects the courtyard from & nbsp; strong winds, and at the same time & nbsp; opens it to the sun. Additional walking areas are located on & nbsp; operated roofs of different heights. The facades received a very emotional finish: the windows are placed at & nbsp; different distances from each other and & nbsp; are decorated with wooden platbands. The images were & nbsp; based on the collection of the virtual museum of the Moscow photographer Ivan Khafizov.

Izmayloh Moscow, Moscow,

In the design of the garden in Izmailovo, Anton Nadtochiy and Vera Butko from the Atrium architectural studio have embodied traditional children's toys – cubes. Color has a special place in the project. The functions of the premises were marked on the facade by the authors in different shades. At the same time, the architects fought for a long time for the chosen color scheme. The project was accused of excessiveness, which allegedly could damage the psyche of children. And after the completion of the construction, the kindergarten, on the contrary, was already praised for its cheerful design.


A spectacular kindergarten in Ho Chi Minh City was built by the Vietnamese bureau Kientruc O. A winding staircase leads to the roof garden. Locals find a certain similarity between the kindergarten and Lego blocks due to the ornaments and holes that are formed through the use of multi-format red bricks.



The facade of the kindergarten designed by Masahiko Fujimori Architects in Sendai is decorated with colorful house elements. A bright architectural accent was created based on children's drawings – this is how a small child depicts buildings.


“Children are running on the roof!” Is a daunting headline for Tokyo residents unaware of the Tezuka Architects project. Architect Takaharu Tezuka has transformed the kindergarten into a continuous space that allows children not only to learn, but also to play. The building functions as a huge safe playground, and on the roof the child can actively expend irrepressible energy.


The main element of the kindergarten in Fukuoka, designed by Emmanuelle Moureaux, is the colorful façade, which the architect herself calls the colored grove. The abstract pattern includes 63 “trees” in 22 color options.

South Korea

Another color kindergarten, this time straight from Seoul. Jungmin Nam bureau designed an artistic seven-story building. A staircase connects bright spaces for learning and development, which also serves as a playground.


In Hackney, England, Lipton Plant renovated a 1930s children's community center. The space is organized around a massive tree-like staircase. This element is inspired by Johan David Wiess's novel The Swiss Robinson Family, in which a family on a desert island set up a dwelling around a tree.


In the suburbs of Paris, a huge yellow giraffe pierced through the building of a kindergarten designed by Hondelatte Laporte Architectes. An exotic animal not only decorates the structure, but also serves as one of the supports. The giraffe, however, does not get bored alone. An equally friendly and interactive polar bear was also hooked up to him – all for the sake of children!

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