Tourist brand of the Southern Urals


The situation on the Russian tourist landscape has changed. Domestic tourism — sustainable trend. Now the regions are forced to compete with each other for the attention of travelers, entrepreneurs and investors. 

A strong brand will help you become visible and win this race. One that will set the region apart from others, show the culture and create a clear set of associations.

And most importantly, he will tell you why you should come there.

The answer to this question has become a key one in developing a tourism brand for one of the most distinctive regions of Russia — Southern Urals. 

Rethinking travel

We had to explore the region from different angles. On the one hand, we immersed ourselves in its history, culture and geography. On the other — studied how he lives today: what the inhabitants do, how they relax, how people from other parts of the country see it. To do this, we went to Chelyabinsk to find answers to all questions on the ground. 

Most Russians have a set of stereotypes associated with the Urals. A harsh land where the factories are buzzing, but people do not smile. If tourism, then industrial, if recreation, then definitely not here.

But this is not so. 

All types of outdoor activities flourish here — hiking along endless trails, water activities in the purest lakes, extreme river adventures and, of course, conquering the mountains. 

So we have found a unique tourist offer of the Southern Urals, which will distinguish it from other regions and make it attractive for those who crave real adventures. 

Southern Urals — a region with a unique and diverse landscape that is ideal for all kinds of outdoor activities. 

A place for new travels

Since diverse natural landscapes have become the main idea of ​​the brand, we were faced with the task of bringing them to the fore and showing all the opportunities for tourism, recreation and entertainment that they open up. 

We had to create new associations with the place and convey them to people through positioning and corporate identity. 

The Southern Sun and the Ural Mountains

South Ural brand logo

We started with the logo. Minimalistic and two-tone, it reveals its name: the southern sun and the Ural mountains. The soft forms of the elements make the sign friendly, crafty and natural.

When choosing the color scheme, we focused on natural shades. The setting sun and mountain peaks, densely covered with forests, became the basis.

Diverse nature — varied graphics

The diverse nature of — various graphics

Graphics allow you to arrange elements depending on the message. The logo can be easily adapted to different directions by simply replacing the sun with a corporate icon. So for information about camping, you can use a tent, and for the announcement of a tour along the bear trail — foot.

< p>Nature Navigation 

During the journey, the icons become functional: they can be used as navigation on routes. If on graphic media they complement communication and create images, then during the journey they turn into informative signs.

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South Ural — a region with something to say

Another brand attribute is typography. The brand has a lot to say. His words turn into a route: lively and individual. Starting point — logo, font — this is the path, and icons and stamps — checkpoints. The text lives and moves, building its own narrative path.

Interactive elements

As it should be with everything related to outdoor activities, corporate identity becomes functional. It is supplemented with dynamic plates and stamps.

Wavy plates — this is a reference to the mountain ranges and rivers of the Urals. Here you can place contacts, coat of arms, information about the place. The plates are dynamic: they rise, turn over or turn into a postcard stamp.

Brand stamps — style elements that you want to interact with. The traveler gets them for achievements, passing new routes and collects them in the tourist passport.

“The new brand reflects the” absurdity ” of the Southern Urals and at the same time its originality: this is a region with its own character, in which every tourist can feel like a pioneer and conqueror. 

Irina Chirkova
Deputy Director of ANO «Agency for International Cooperation of the Chelyabinsk Region»


Agency for International Cooperation of the Chelyabinsk Region

Valery Denisenko
Director of the International Cooperation Agency of the Chelyabinsk Region

Irina Vasilievna Chirkova
Deputy Director for Tourism Development

Ekaterina Novitskaya
Head of Special Projects Department


Project Manager: Katerina Kraevskaya< br>Art director: Alexey Pushkov
Art director: Valeria Grumeza
Project designer: Elena Pantyukhina
Creative director: Evgeny Gran
Rinat Gantsev: copywriter 

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We still have a strange situation in Russia with territorial brands. It seems that there is an understanding of the need to create and visualize them, there are people who are able to complete this task, and there is even money for the implementation of such projects, but here is the result?! suddenly a logo that looks like a picture icon. Are you serious!?

picture icons< /p>

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