Underground extension to the Ordrupgaard Museum, designed by Snøhetta


Studio Snøhetta has completed the Ordrupgaard Museum expansion project, combining the original early 20th century building and Zaha Hadid's 2005 extension with new underground galleries that create a sculptural ledge in landscape

The Ordrupgaard Museum is located near the Jägersborg-Dayrehave forest park north of Copenhagen and is dedicated to French and Danish art of the 19th and 20th centuries. Its original World War I era building is a neoclassical mansion with three wings, which houses a permanent exhibition. The exhibition spaces are housed in a modern glass and lava stone annex designed by architect Zaha Hadid in 2005.

And recently, the museum complex has a new extension & nbsp; – this time underground! It was designed by the Norwegian architecture firm Snøhetta, which connected the two old buildings with five new underground gallery spaces, thus creating a “single and continuous path” through all the museum's premises and grounds.

The steel structure, dubbed Himmelhaven (Garden of Eden) by architects, looks different at different times of the day and at different times of the year. It seems to grow out of the ground: “Like a treasure discovered during excavations, this structure sparkles against the background of the surrounding landscape”, & nbsp; – say the authors of the project.

There is a diagonal cut through the structure & nbsp; – a passage paved with natural stone that leads visitors from the park to the main entrance. It is surrounded by a “mini-atrium” with steps where you can sit, relax and admire the views of the surrounding trees. On one side there is an English-style park with deciduous trees, on the other – a more formal French-style rose garden, which the studio carefully preserved during construction.

Inside the underground extension & nbsp; – five new rooms. Those dedicated to Impressionism are distinguished by lighter and warmer materials. Walls, ceilings and floors are finished in oak. The other two halls are a logical continuation of the exhibition spaces of the Zaha Hadid building and use the same dark palette.

With a restrained but expressive design, the new Ordrupgaard by Snøhetta fits well into the existing context, both natural and architectural, both historical and modern, adding its own vision of time and space and combining all elements into a new museum experience for future generations. ” , & nbsp; – say the authors of the project.

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