VDNKh metro station became a cultural heritage site


The Moscow Department of Cultural Heritage has included the VDNKh metro station and its lobby in the list of identified objects of Moscow cultural heritage

April 17, 2017  VDNKh metro station lobby late 1970s Lobby of VDNKh metro station late 1970s

Another victory of Arkhnadzor. The Department of Cultural Heritage of the city of Moscow considered the application of the organization's activists and, by order of April 5, 2017, included the VDNKh metro station and its ground pavilion in the list of identified objects of the cultural heritage of the city of Moscow.

The metro station was opened on May 1, 1958 and received its name is in honor of the neighboring All-Union Agricultural Exhibition. However, soon the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition was renamed VDNKh of the USSR, after which the station had to be renamed: since December 1959 it also bears the name of VDNKh.

VDNKh metro station

VDNKh metro station was built by architects I.G. Taranova, N.A. Bykova, Yu.A. Cherepanova and I.G. Goharai-Harmandaryan. This is a three-vaulted pylon station: 18 pylons are trimmed with white marble with gray veins at the bottom, and their edges are painted green. Each pylon has a decorative metal insert.

Initially, it was assumed that the pylons would frame arches with mosaic patterns, the work was entrusted to the artist V.A. Favorsky, who created decors with intertwined oak leaves and ribbons. However, when part of one pylon had already been completed in nature, they decided not to do the decoration. As a result, the mosaic on this pylon was plastered and painted over with oil green paint.

The walls of the station hall are faced with white marble, the floor is paved with red and gray granite. The arch of the north entrance is decorated with stucco ornamentation of oak leaves.

The above ground lobby was opened in 1958. In 2013 – 2014 it has been reverse engineered.

VDNKh metro station lobby, 1977 VDNKh metro station lobby, 1977 < span class = "article-authors-info__list" data-v-31f65b1f> Parfenova Tatiana

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