Vladislav Doronin sells the house built by Zaha Hadid


The billionaire has decided to part with his luxury real estate in Barvikha, which was to be Naomi Campbell's wedding present. The house-ship built by Zaha Hadid is up for sale for 6.4 billion rubles

Not so long ago, the construction of a private residence Capital Hill, designed by architect Zaha Hadid for Vladislav Doronin, was completed in Barvikha, which was supposed to become the wedding present of the billionaire's bride Naomi Campbell. The couple parted, and the house-ship proudly towered over the high fences of the elite village.

And now, after just a couple of years, Vyacheslav Doronin decided to part with the elite real estate and exposes one of the few works of Zaha Hadid in Russia for sale. The price, according to some sources, is 6.4 billion rubles, according to others – as much as 150 million dollars! This amount is not surprising, because the construction of the mansion cost the oligarch $ 140 million.

It is said that Zaha Hadid once drew the project of this incredible house on a napkin in a London restaurant. The most interesting thing is that reality is not far from fantasies and initial sketches. The spaceship-like building literally hovers above the surrounding forests. The master bedroom is located on the towering “captain's bridge”, although engineers and contractors said it was impossible to implement it.

The project was conceived in 2006, but it had to wait for 12 years before the final “landing”. The house was completed after Zaha's death by the architect Patrik Schumacher, currently head of the Zaha Hadid Architects bureau.

The area of ​​the residence was more than 3000 sq. meters, and the interior space also included an indoor pool, spa and nightclub.

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