Volvo updates logo for an electrified and digital future


Volvo has unveiled a new flat logo that will be displayed on interfaces and products as a symbol of the digital and electrical future. The logo, known as the Volvo Iron Mark, now features a flat design, the first major update since the 2014 3D version.

The brand logo now appears in an extended version and will be used for both the Volvo Group and Volvo Car Group, says Caroline Fransson, senior vice president of brand relations at Volvo Group. & Nbsp;

Caroline claims that the update is the result of an internal collaboration between the Volvo Group and Volvo Car Group design teams.

< p>Volvo's corporate identity must be “ modernized, unified and optimized for the new digital realities in which our business operates '', & mdash; says Caroline Fransson.

While the Volvo Group is involved in a variety of products including buses, trucks and digital services, Volvo Car Group is a subsidiary of the Chinese manufacturer Geely Holding Group.

Speaking of unification, Caroline Fransson says, “ Even if we are & mdash; two separately strong companies in different areas of activity, we have a joint responsibility to maintain and develop the perception of the Volvo brand. ”

Caroline says Iron Mark is“; a key element in the history of the Volvo brand. “ Over the years, the company logo has earned tremendous confidence among customers as a hallmark of the Volvo brand and its values ​​'', & mdash; she adds. & nbsp;

This logo dates back to the time when Volvo started car production in 1926, and the following year, the logo appeared on the first Volvo car. & Nbsp;

The combination of a circle and a diagonal arrow symbolizes the 'ancient chemical symbol of iron' ;. It originally symbolized the planet and the Roman god Mars, and was associated with iron, as most weapons were made of metal at the time, the company explains. trends towards electrification in the consumer market and in society & raquo ;, & mdash; says Caroline Fransson. & nbsp;

According to Caroline Fransson, both the font logo and the updated Iron Mark will be implemented in interfaces and products, although the exact date has not yet been announced. & nbsp;

New Volvo's flat logo is following the automotive design trend of recent years as brands move towards a digital and electric future. The company launched its first all-electric SUV last year.

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