Wall coverings in the spirit of the superhero saga – including outdoor


Wall&Deco is inspired by the aesthetics of Smallville and Gotham.

Founded by a photographer, Wall&Deco is an Italian brand that produces exceptionally spectacular wallpaper and wallcoverings . In addition, the company has a number of unique, patented developments.

Superhero saga wallcoverings - including outdoor

Between The Lines – Parigi, Out System

The main novelties are just from this line. It's called Wet&Out and includes super-resistant coatings for wet areas at home, facades and other outdoor surfaces. They do not get wet, they are not afraid of mold, they have antibacterial properties. And the street series is even more durable, does not fade and does not crumble.

Superhero wallcoverings — including outdoor

Airy Cover, Wet System series

In a word, real superheroes. Not surprisingly, the superhero sagas of Superman and Batman are the inspiration for the new collection in this line. The brand's designers came up with a series of prints that refer to the retro interiors of the 1950s, in which the heroes of the Superman story are placed. From comics and movies, we remember that this is the town of Smallville. That's what the series is called.

Superhero saga themed wallcoverings - including outdoor

The antagonist of this cozy, homely retro aesthetic is Gotham, a technological future full of evil and danger. The heroes of the Batman story live in it. In reading Wall&Deco, these are futuristic images of the metropolis, strict geometry and the dark side of gamma.

Superhero inspired wallcoverings - including outdoor

Low-Fi Wet System Wallcovering

The coating is based on fiberglass up to 1.5 millimeters thick with various coatings. Can be applied to almost any surface. The outdoor line has a 5-year warranty.

Superhero saga themed wallcoverings - including outdoor

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