Washington mom says she still caught coronavirus despite taking slew of precautions to avoid it


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A Washington state mother says she tested positive for the coronavirus earlier this year despite taking all of the necessary precautions to avoid getting infected.

Rebecca Drobis, 43, told The Washington Post her family took the pandemic “very seriously” from the beginning.

Washington mom says she still caught coronavirus despite taking slew of precautions to avoid it

In this June 27, 2020, photo, people are tested in their in vehicles in Phoenix’s western neighborhood of Maryvale in Phoenix for free COVID-19 tests organized by Equality Health Foundation, which focuses on care in underserved communities. 

She said growing up with her father, a doctor, made her “hyper-aware of germs” and washing her hands. Likewise, her infant daughter, who was 7 months old in March, made her extra vigilant.

“My parents are in their 70s, and we’re very with them. They used to watch my daughter once a week, and we decided right away to have them stop coming over,” Drobis said.

Her family ordered masks and stayed home, leaving only for an occasional walk. While outside, she made sure to maintain social distancing at all times. The family also stopped going to the grocery, having everything delivered.

But despite her best efforts, Drobis tested positive for COVID-19 in late May.

“After the test, I pulled over, and I just started hysterically crying. I was so scared. How did this happen?” Drobis told the Post.

Drobis’ husband disinfected everything in the house, their daughter’s clothes, toys, and everything Drobis could have possibly come into contact with.


“We figured of course my husband had it, of course I’d given it to my daughter. It was just a matter of — are we both going to get really sick? If we both get really sick, who is going to take care of Rosie?” Drobis told The Post.

Drobis’ husband tested twice for COVID-19. Both times the results came back negative. Her extended family, likewise, got tested.

To this day, she remains unsure how she became infected with the virus but has come to be “okay with not knowing how this happened.”


“This virus doesn’t fit neatly into any kind of system of order that makes sense. The whole experience has left me with a tremendous amount of pure gratitude and relief,” Dobris said. “I understand why all of the sacrifices, small and big, are so crucial.”


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