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Sky News takes a look at the stories making a splash in Wednesday’s national newspapers.


    The Daily Mirror says Rishi Sunak’s pay rise for key workers is an insult to staff including nurses, paramedics, porters and cleaners who have also been working throughout lockdown.


    The Times claims Boris Johnson is preparing to give MI5 more powers to stop foreign interference in the UK after the long-awaited Russia report said the government “took its eye off the ball” over Russia.


    The Independent leads on the Russia report finding there was no evidence the Kremlin interfered in the Brexit vote – but says that is because the “government hasn’t even looked for any yet”.


    The government’s pay rise for public workers who have worked through lockdown has been criticised by the Daily Star for overlooking “hero frontline workers” such as cleaners, binmen, carers and bus drivers.


    The Guardian reports the prime minister is facing intense criticism after a report into Russia found the government and intelligence agencies failed to conduct any proper assessment of Kremlin attempts to interfere in the Brexit referendum.


    Boris Johnson has dismissed claims the EU referendum was rigged by Russia as a long-awaited report on the country’s meddling was released, the Daily Express writes.


    The Daily Mail is one of the many newspapers to lead on the Russia report, saying MPs have warned the UK must now face up to Moscow after “badly underestimating” its threat for years.


    The i leads on the long-awaited intelligence committee report that said the threat from Moscow was “badly underestimated” by UK governments and that Russians close to Vladimir Putin built influence in the UK with business investments and political donations.


    US secretary of state Mike Pompeo claimed to MPs the head of the World Health Organisation struck a deal with China to help secure his role, The Daily Telegraph reports. There is also a picture of Prince George to celebrate his seventh birthday.


    Metro leads on Boris Johnson being accused in a parliamentary report of turning a blind eye to Vladimir Putin’s efforts to influence UK elections as “corrupt” Russian money was welcomed into the capital.


    Ministers have been accused of turning a blind eye to possible interference by Russia in the 2016 Brexit referendum in a long-awaited report, the Financial Times reports.


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    Wednesday night’s reviewers will be Kevin Maguire, associate editor of the Daily Mirror and the Daily Mail’s consultant editor, Andrew Pierce.

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