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In the 21st century it is difficult to overestimate the importance of mobile solutions. In many industries, they become the valuable part of the business ecosystem. For example, the monthly number of users of mobile applications https://wezom.com/ has grown several times.
We are constantly striving to make our solutions convenient and want you to use them at any time, anywhere and fulfill the usual operation without thinking, you do it from a notebook or smartphone. Therefore, we are developing innovative, efficient and useful solutions from Wezom. transport app development services

Flutter – cross-platform development.

Cross-plate decisions have long attracted those who wish to quickly and undestern launch an MVP product simultaneously under several platforms, for the transport app development services. The reason is simple – a single code base. It is easier to maintain: artifacts are centralized, there is no duplication of logic and edits of the same bugs for each of the platforms.
Existing frameworks are either complicated or not too productive due to the nuances of technical implementation, or full of bugs. With their help, people strive to quickly make minimal functionality, and eventually encourage themselves to rewrite the project in the long run.
A final release of a new framework for mobile development from Google – Flutter is expected very soon, which has become the most requested cross-platform technology on Stack Overflow. It is emphasized that it is intended for mobile applications and covers two platforms: Android and iOS. New projects on Flutter fall into a special selection, the purpose of which is to show the possibilities of the framework. Now the framework is actively replenished with components and architectural superstructures thanks to the developer community.
Several bold concepts underlying Flutter bring new ideas and opportunities to develop new ideas. Fast, almost intuitive creation of the user interface makes prototyping and UX experiments with simple as ever and accessible to everyone. In which field Flutter will find its application – time will show.


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