What does the Kalyazinsky bell tower look like after restoration


The restoration of the famous Kalyazinsky bell tower has been completed in the Tver region. Now she has a backlight, an observation deck and an automated bell. Our colleagues from the Мsk1.ru portal visited Kalyazin and shared their impressions

Photo #1 - What the Kalyazin bell tower looks like after restorationThis is what the Kalyazin bell tower looked like before restoration.

The Kalyazinsky bell tower is one of the main sights of Russia. It is located in the town of Kalyazin, Tver region, 200 km from Moscow. It has been undergoing restoration for the last seven months, but, according to msk1.ru, all scaffolding has recently been removed from it, and now it flaunts in the middle of a snow-covered reservoir in all its glory.

Photo #2 - What the Kalyazin bell tower looks like after restorationThis is what the bell tower looks like now.

During the restoration work, the foundation was strengthened, the facades and interiors of the church were restored, and the cross was restored. The bell tower now has illumination around the perimeter of each tier, which automatically lights up at nightfall. Since the temple stands on an island in the middle of the Uglich reservoir, it was not easy to install the backlight: electric cables had to be laid under the water. Severe weather conditions made work difficult, and construction materials had to be delivered to the island by mini-barge, snowmobile and snowmobile.

1/2Photo: @Mikhail Misyutin @mma_j77

In winter, you can reach the bell tower on ice. Inside, you should definitely look at the updated interiors, and then go up to the observation deck, which offers a nice view of the Volga and Kalyazin itself.

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