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Future Plans: Five Most Anticipated Projects from the Foster + Partners Desktop

The administrative center of Amaravati on the Krishna River, India

Foster + Partners is designing the city center of Amaravati, the new administrative capital of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The bureau has a master plan for a 217 square kilometer site and two key buildings: the Legislative Assembly and the Supreme Court, as well as several Secretariat buildings. In accordance with the environmental strategy of the master plan, 60% of the territory is occupied by greenery and water. The building of the Legislative Assembly, located in the center of the green ridge, is equipped with all modern technologies and runs on solar energy. The complex of the Supreme Court, whose stepped roof is inspired by the ancient stupas of India, is responsible for the connection with traditions.

Dajiang Innovation HQ Headquarters in Shenzhen, China

DJI is engaged in the development of robotics and drones. Hence the concept of the project — the soaring twin towers call to get off the ground and abandon the idea of ​​familiar offices. The suspended structure of the buildings made it possible to create unique shafts and huge halls without load-bearing columns. Along with the air bridge that connects the towers, they will become testing grounds for new drone capabilities. Employees also have access to state-of-the-art gyms and “recharge” areas, high above ground gardens in the zen minimalist style. Project 2016, planned completion – 2019.

Samba Bank headquarters in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The 40-story tower is crowned with a 70-meter spire and has the shape of a diamond in plan. Diamond edges are also reminiscent of the innovative three-dimensional shell of the façade and open atrium. An adjustable canopy protects the atrium from direct sunlight, while indirect light is reflected in the office floor with glass inserts. The design of the glass panels richly textured on the façade responds to Riyadh's complex climate problem, where temperatures range from zero degrees in winter to extreme, dry heat in summer and sudden heavy rainstorms. Each panel has facets, consists of two types of glass with different reflectivity and is complemented by opaque plates. The building is inscribed in a cluster of towers of the commercial district, which simplifies the engineering maintenance of the structure.


Stations of the Haramain High Speed ​​Rail, Saudi Arabia

The Haramain high-speed railway is a major infrastructure project of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which will connect Mecca, Medina, Jeddah and the King Abdullah Economic City. The line is intended primarily for the transport of pilgrims. The initial calculation of the number of passengers is 60 million, by 2042 it is expected to increase to 135 million. Given this dynamic, the stations in each of the four cities are modular arch systems in the style of Islamic architecture, with the ability to expand as needed. The color scheme is determined by the historical symbols of the city, and the main character of the interior is sunlight. During the day, it penetrates through the holes in the roof, and at night, the spotlights between the perforations create the effect of stars in the sky.

Principal Place, London

The 50-story residential tower Principal Tower is being prepared for commissioning in the London area of ​​Hackney. The house, 175 meters high, will become one of the tallest residential buildings in London. The complex consists of three parts, which reflects the identity with the main axes of the surrounding urban plan. Balconies running along the perimeter of the apartments soften the architectural appearance of the building, providing smooth contours of the building, while its own heat and power plants and modern engineering systems help reduce energy consumption.


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