What future is waiting for the development of mobile applications?


Large IT brands hurry faster to take a comfortable place on mobile network user devices. So, for example, Google stated that already 50% of occurrences in the search engine occurs through portable versions.

Well, who will spend less before the opportunity, and get more? And here is no one. So the idea of ​​Mobile App Development was born, when you write one application code, and it will work on different operating systems.

Meanwhile, it is calculated: about 7 hours a week each owner of the smartphone or iPhone gives mobile applications. This is enough to think about building an advertising campaign with mobile devices.

Kiss.software Company

It needs to customers and entrepreneurs Kiss.Software company: but they have different goals

Business comes to the Internet and increases mobile advertising costs based on the following considerations:

  • The presence of your own website and its configuration for phones, as well as the web development of a special offer for it, will allow you to attract new customers and increase the commercial indicators;
  • Holding existing buyers will cost much cheaper and easier if users are already on one wave with the portal;
  • It is easier to organize promotions, discounts, special offers, payment on the Internet with a test demonstration right on the display;
  • Communication is activated, the feedback becomes easier, with the connection of chatbots the process will become even more comfortable, the costs of mobile advertising will quickly pay off, which are not given to other types of promotion;
  • The client is almost always in touch, it is easy to find on social networks, messengers, other things;
    The possibility of interactive connection to the work of banks (for example, the operational registration of loans on preferential terms).

Interestingly, the fact that any user error can be quickly corrected and not to waste the time for a long deficiolation of the details about who is to blame.

Client’s interests in the network are completely different:

  • The desire to get quick access to information, regardless of its level of protections;
  • habit of drawing about new products in favorite stores from short push messages;
    comfort and compensation lack of attention (communication on the road through social networks, reading the press, view mail satures and diversified life);
  • Internet access is 24 hour and independent of location (on a trip, hospital, work office, in the resort);
  • The application saves time, do not google or search in another search engine;
  • The speed of making a transaction is especially relevant on fleeting or night sales;
  • Commitment to uniformity, the mastered resource is rarely deleted, because otherwise it will have to study new.

Techniques for the introduction and diversity of trading proposals

Your own application is a carrier of the developed advertising strategy. There are several scenarios for a different type of business, as using mobile development to attract more customers, and therefore earn more. A classic method, a regular push-message that will inform all potential customers about the new trading offer. What can be hiding under it:

  • coffee as a gift to the menu;
  • free survey to the service complex;
  • every fourth session for free;
  • Payment through Mobile Bank – 5% discount.

And these are already proven schemes for a certain style of doing business. You can get a professional advice in any company engaged in analytical data processing (and not only).

The presence of your own logo: emoticon, ball, flower, other attributes makes communication with a customer in confidence, he willingly agree to evaluate the work of employees, visit the Chatbots. This all positively affects the work of the site, firms in the stationary Internet. As a result, commercial indicators are rising.

Select the operating system to create an application

This is one of the most important issues. Of course, for Android mobile devices – the leader of the position. Although it seems that the phones with android or iOS almost the same amount in the world space of the iPhone (14% of the market) is significantly losing Android (83%). An even smaller share accounts for Windows Phone 2.5%. The rest in different ratios are divided by such popular OS.

Therefore, here, no matter how cool, but preference has to give Android, with the exception of those situations where the target audience is represented as users of other systems. For example, it is stupid to make an application for Apple lovers club on android or other OS. But in any case, for each country there are its own statistics and before the transmission of TZ Contractor, it is worth consulted, conduct a market research.

What business is promoted in net

It is notable to analyze the analysis and niche of the market, because that good for Western countries may be unprofitable for the CIS. Applications of the following directions are most popular in net:

  • Clothing stores, shoes, retail;
  • banking service;
  • electronics supermarkets;
  • Services, except cafes and bars, are invited to Tamada, animators, other specialists required by standard on holidays;
  • catering;
  • Booking tickets, transfer, car rental, houses.

However, the new wave rolled now. With the arrival of the clinics, beauty salons, their services are also actively using mobile applications. Statistically, the phone accelerates the arrival of the client to the place of procedures.

Target audience: age centers

A funny situation when a boy for the new year asks Santa Claus Iphon. The universal donor is puzzled, because he has already gave you (Kate, Joe) six phones in a row. Why should he one more? These are the trends of modern youth. People aged over 60 adhere to their devices, right up to the situation when they simply obsolete.

Therefore, there is a type of service for which you need to continue typing brochures, advertising liners, distribute flyers and coupons. But this audience is rapidly reduced. Of the ten counterparties, only 1 – 3 are happy to take printed products, of which the third uses, the rest is thrown out five steps from the place of distribution. Therefore, once again it is worth thinking about reducing costs in this direction. Moreover, the task for an employee must be as efficient as possible.

As for the global security trends, it is worth mentioning the blockchain – the technology of the future, which is already actively working in the cryptocurrency sphere. BlockChain is able to fake information, thereby hard difficulty hacking and leakage, which makes this technology the most advanced today from the point of view of data confidentiality. The blockchain is mainly used to conceal transactions from prying eyes, but in the future the scope of its activity will only expand.

Approving a farewell for those who still doubt

Mobile applications developed under the laws of business development, taking into account the interests of the target audience, will certainly bring profit. But now we are only observing the development of this sphere of virtual space. Already in 2023, a million increase in sales of android systems is expected, and therefore mobile users will not become less. On the contrary, their number will increase by 20-30%. Such forecasts make the most advanced analytical agencies of the world.

Developing its own applications for sites is an investment in the future, which will certainly be secured with the right approach to the case.


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