What is a vacation at a resort in Odessa


What is a vacation at a resort in Odessa ?

Odessa – the best vacation on the Black sea in Ukraine
Odessa is a brand city. Odessans — bearers of old traditions, a special attitude to life, to the world around them and to themselves. Odessa is a city-state. It has its own flag and coat of arms, its own anthem and Charter.

Odessa on the Black sea is the largest of many Odessas scattered around the planet, and therefore its motto is: “Odessans of all countries, unite!”. This is an open city that has long been a famous resort. Guided by magic places, rest in Odessa on the Black sea is chosen by hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. Let’s go on a virtual journey through the famous city.
Odessa sights

If you spend your vacation on the Black sea in Odessa, do not be lazy to explore the local natural attractions:

  • Ukrainian Venice — Vilkovo, Danube estuary;
  • Odessa zoo;
  • Catacombs;
  • Kuyalnytskyi estuary;
  • Tendre (the Tendrovsky braid);
  • Hadjibey road;
  • Skoda mountain;
  • Odessa Botanical garden;
  • Odessa city garden;
  • Taras Shevchenko Park of culture and recreation;
  • Vctory park;
  • Primorsky boulevard;
  • Century-old oak “Black night”.

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Odessa beaches: vacation on the Black sea coast

Odessa beaches: vacation on the Black sea coast

If Odessa is a “Pearl by the sea”, then the sea is the pearl of Odessa. What is a vacation on the Black sea without a beach?

The length of the Odessa coast is 30 km, of which 20 km are beaches stretching from Sanzheyka to Chernomorka. Their total area is 42.65 ha (of which 23.7 ha is artificial).

Beaches are divided into “private” (rented) and municipal. Private rooms are clean: they are regularly sifted sand, garbage is removed; they are equipped with sun loungers, showers, bar counters and cafes.

Entrance to all beaches of Odessa is free. You will have to pay for a chaise longue, shower, towels. The main problem of public beaches is constant fullness. Vacationers are located so closely and densely that it is impossible to find a free place. There is a local anecdote on this topic: “The whale, at 6 o’clock in the morning washed up on the shore of the Odessa city beach, and failed to take a free sunbed…

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The name “Odessa” in documents first appeared on January 10, 1795 (in the title of the state salt store). The exact origin of this city name is unknown, there are several versions:

the city is named in accordance with the tradition of giving Greek names to settlements conquered at the end of the XVIII century from the Turks (Tiraspol, Sevastopol, etc.). Supporters of this version assume that Odessa is named after the ancient Greek village of Odessos that once existed on the Northern coast of the Black sea.
Etymological version (not recognized by official historiography). One of the legends tells about a long dispute over the amount of fresh water on the site of a new city under construction. There were reports that there was not enough water for the normal life support of citizens. Empress Catherine II, who defended the opposite point of view and was heated by the dispute, voluntarily named the city with the French expression “assez d’eau” read in reverse order, which means “there is enough water”.

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