Wild Mountain Thyme: Film slammed over Irish accents and cliches

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The trailer for the new movie Wild Mountain Thyme has come in for criticism for ropey accents and too many cliches.

The film, set in rural Ireland, features British actress Emily Blunt, Northern Ireland’s Jamie Dornan and US star Christopher Walken.

Filmed in County Mayo, it is about a pair of star-crossed lovers who get caught up in their family’s land dispute.

The trailer prompted a social media meltdown.

Euronews spoke to Brian Lloyd, movie editor at Entertainment.ie, who said: “Wild Mountain Thyme was not necessarily insulting, but surely we’ve moved from these cliches and contrived ideas about national stereotypes?

“The film was written by a Pulitzer Prize author, who directed Moonstruck,” he added. “You would have thought he would have some kind of awareness of what is fantasy and what is a reality in Ireland?”

Lloyd said the film’s actors should consider apologising to the people of Ireland.


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