Winners of the “Beautiful and Tasty” Contest Announced


On April 26, 2022, the international exhibition “Beautiful and Tasty” was opened at the Center for Visual Arts in the hall “Film lecture hall”. The exhibition presents the best works selected according to the results of the competitive selection in the categories: painting, graphics, computer graphics, photography.

The authors whose works were recognized as the best were awarded Diplomas of the United Cultural Centers of the Central Administrative District of Moscow and the International Public Association “Union of Designers”


1st place Anna Sarycheva (Russia)
2nd place Irina Krutykh (Russia)
3 place Maria Souler (Russia)


1st place Natalya Chizhikova (Russia)
2nd place Jian Fang (China)
3rd place Maria Pravochkina (Russia)


1st place Olga Pozharova (Russia)
2nd place Sofia Macarena-Prado (Argentina)
3rd place was not awarded

Computer graphics

1st place Raisa Ovchinnikova (Russia)
2nd place Parvi Bansal (India)
3rd place Alexandra Nelidova (Russia)

About the winners of the international contest “Beautiful and Tasty”

Anna Sarycheva (Russia) took first place in the Painting category. width=”1050″ height=”1400″ alt=”Anna Sarycheva” />

Anna Sarycheva professional artist from Moscow, graduated from the Yaroslavl Art College, Department of Design .

Two of her works “Russian Tea” and “Traditional 100 grams” received the most votes.

Anna is not only an artist and designer, but also a teacher, she works with children with special needs, prepares students for admission to specialized creative educational institutions, and also conducts creative classes with adults and develops & nbsp; master classes for teachers of the Luch company. Anna Sarycheva is a very versatile person: she is interested in the nature of feelings, emotions and various phenomena, she is interested in the psychology of living and non-living matter, where each object carries not only aesthetic value, but also a hidden meaning. One of her favorite art trends – symbolism. The principles of this direction are also used in the works submitted to the competition “Beautiful and Tasty”. There is a traditional view of what we eat, such as – these are simple products: herring, onion, bread – food without pathos and lengthy preparations, as a symbol of asceticism and unpretentiousness, and here lies a whole story about our native culture, this is not foie gras or pasta for you.

Natalya Chizhikova won first place in the Graphics category.

Natalia Chizhikova

Natalya Chizhikova graduated from the Institute of Television and Radio Broadcasting, majoring in production designer, animation courses under the guidance of director F. Khitruk, majoring in animator. She worked in animation studios as an animator. For several years she taught children drawing and painting. I study illustration of children's books. Dreaming of my author's book.

Two of her graphic works “Outlander…” and “Family” were recognized as the best in the Graphics category.

Designer and artist Irina Krutykh took second place in the Painting category.

Irina Krutykh

The work of Irina Krutykh called “Citron” ; was recognized as one of the best in the Painting category.

Alexandra Nelidova – third place in the Computer Graphics category

 Alexandra Nelidova

The work of designer Alexandra Nelidova “Matryoshka” entered the top three in the category Computer graphics.

In the title photo for the publication – designer and artist Irina Krutykh

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