Winter olympic games 2022 emblem design


The 2022 Winter Olympics will start very soon – in February 2022.

The editors have collected all the information about the design of the visual identity developed for the Winter Olympics 2022. In this article, we talk about the emblem of the Beijing Olympics.

The emblem of the Winter Olympics and The Beijing 2022 Paralympic Games was inspired by Chinese calligraphy. 

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics emblem design

The winning emblem of the Olympic Games was created by artist and designer Lin Cunzhen, who was able to combine both traditional and modern elements of Chinese culture in the logo. 

The Olympic symbol, called the “Winter Dream” , is inspired by the Chinese character 冬, meaning “winter”, and looks like a skater on the top half and a skier on the bottom. In the final version, Lin made a sign from multi-colored ribbons, which, with their weaves, form various images – these are the mountain peaks of the host country, ski slopes and ice rinks.

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics emblem design

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics emblem design

< h2>Single image of heritage and modernity in identity

The emblem uses a color palette of several colors, blue representing dreams, the future, the purity of ice and snow, and red and yellow, which are the colors of China's national flag – symbolize passion, youth and vitality.

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Emblem Design

Designer Ling Kongzhen also designed the badge for the Winter Paralympic Gamesin the same color palette as the logo for the title games, but the Paralympics emblem is based on a different Chinese character 飞 meaning “to fly”. 

Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games emblem design

Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympic Games Emblem Design

IOC President Thomas Bach praised the artist's work and said that the symbol represents a “single image” ; for events all over the world. “It embodies the vision of Beijing 2022, showcasing a unique blend of modern and ancient traditions. And, of course, represents the joy of winter sports for the younger generation in China and beyond,” – adds Bach.

Designer Ling KongzhenLin Cunzhen Professor and Vice President of Beijing Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) School of Design has many years of experience in both teaching and design. She is the first female designer from China to design a total of four different emblems and logos for the Olympic Games. As a senior designer, Professor Lin has played a critical role in designing logos for national gift items and for a number of national high-level events in China, including the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), the Group of Two (G2), the Belt and Road Initiative; (BRI), China-Africa Forum and others.

During the 2008 Olympics, Lin was in charge of visual identity and landscaping, and was involved in the strategic management and organizational aspects of the Games, as well as the organization of the IDA Congress in Beijing in 2009. Lin also led the visual design and creative strategy for the Shanghai Expo 2010 licensed products and shaped the landscaping aspects of the event.

Lin also worked at the 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games and designed the mascot for the 2014 International World Championships. Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) in Beijing.

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