Yacht BG54 – an absolute novelty of the shipyard Bluegame


The Italian brand has released a new cruising yacht: compact dimensions at 30 knots of acceleration.

A compact yacht from Bluegame with a length of 16.57 meters promises a draft of 1, 34 meters, has two passenger cabins and at the same time can accelerate to a very decent speed of 30 knots.

The BG54 is a brand new Bluegame shipyard yacht

Cruise yacht BG54 – new for 2022

The Italian shipyard presented a novelty this year and managed to show it at European shows, where BG54 has already earned many awards. The brand boasts design and engineering awards from the Cannes Boat Show and Genoa Boat Show.

Bluegame's brand new BG54 yacht

BG54 is a more intimate version of Bluegame's headliner, the BG72 (22.71 meters, 2020). But despite the smaller size, it has the same functionality. Moreover, the interior of the yacht is designed in such a way that it seems much more spacious.

The BG54 is a brand new Bluegame shipyard

The body of the model is made of fiberglass (the shipyard observes all ethical production standards and prides itself on zero hydrocarbon emissions). The decks and interior are finished with anti-corrosion materials.

Bluegame's brand new BG54 yacht

The teak deck features an open kitchen and breakfast area, as well as a sunbathing lounge. The interior is designed in warm colors. Cream-colored wood finishes and pastel-colored textiles dominate.

Bluegame's brand new BG54 yacht

Despite their compact size, both passenger cabins have full bedrooms, which, of course, is a rarity for small yachts of this class.

Bluegame's brand new BG54 yacht

Model designer Luca Santella describes his brainchild as follows: “In the BG54, we have modified and improved the stern and bow – both in terms of ergonomics and in terms of functionality.”

Bluegame's brand new BG54 yacht

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