Yerka: Theft-Resistant City Bike


The city bike was originally designed by three Chilean engineering students: Juan José Monsalve, Andres Roy and Cristobal Josveal & eac; , Andr & eacute; s Roi, Crist & oacute; bal Cabello).

Yerka retains the city bike design, but includes Anti-theft device that is easily assembled from the bike frame. A conventional lock on a metal cable can be easily broken by a thief, while the bike will be intact and not damaged, unlike the Yerka design. A strong clip from the bike frame will not make it easy to steal the bike without damaging it, so the theft becomes pointless. The bike owner will no longer have to carry a padlock with them, as Yerka tech uses the bike frame as its primary security measure and it takes less than 20 seconds to assemble the mount.

The third version of this bike has already been released.

Anti-thief city bike design

CLIP will upgrade your bike to e-bike level You may be interested in:

CLIP will upgrade your bike to e-bike level

Anti-thief city bike design

Thief-proof urban bike design

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