Zhivopisny bridge: 8 interesting facts


The picturesque bridge brought world fame to its author

On September 6, 2017, the architect Nikolai Shumakov, the author of the Zhivopisny Bridge project, became the first Russian winner of the Auguste Perret Prize. Over the years, this prestigious award was received by such stars of architecture as Santiago Calatrava, Norman Foster, Renzo Piano, Richard Rogers. And finally, for the first time in 56 years of the existence of the Auguste Perret Prize, a Russian architect became its owner. Nikolai Shumakov received an award for the creation of the Zhivopisny Bridge. The awards ceremony took place on September 6 in Seoul. In this regard, we recall interesting facts about the unique project.

WHO? Nikolay Shumakov – President of the Union of Architects of Russia and Chief Architect of the Metrogiprotrans Institute. In addition to the Zhivopisny Bridge, Shumakov is the author of the interiors of more than thirty Moscow metro stations.

WHAT? The construction of the Zhivopisny Bridge combines the features of a cable-stayed and an arched bridge. Height above the water surface – 30 meters, length 1.5 km. The arch is over 100 meters high. The main span is over 400 meters long. This is done so that ships could sail under the bridge.

WHERE? The Zhivopisny Bridge is thrown across the Moskva River, connects Krylatskaya Street with Marshal Zhukov Avenue and together with a 3 km long tunnel is part of the Zvenigorodskaya highway.

WHEN? The bridge was opened on December 27, 2007 and is included in the top 50 of the most striking sights of Moscow.

WHERE IS THE PLATE ? In the project of NPO Mostovik, an observation deck was planned, but in the end an ellipsoid was built on the arch. “When Luzhkov presented the project of the bridge to Putin, he pointed to the suspended“ egg ”and said: there will be a cafe here,” recalls Nikolai Shumakov. Then the restaurateur Arkady Novikov was involved in the project, and the opening was scheduled for 2009. However, after Luzhkov left, the project was frozen. The construction of the bridge did not imply a sewage system, and it is impossible to open a restaurant without it.

WHY PAINTING? Many people think that the bridge got its name from its appearance, but this is not so. Zhivopisny bridge is named after the street of the same name.

WHAT DO PEOPLE SAY? Muscovites call Zhivopisny bridge “the bridge with a flying saucer.” They also say that the ellipsoid was designed in the likeness of Luzhkov's cap and that the bridge is an object of special services that seek to establish contact with extraterrestrial civilizations.

WHEN GETTING? in operation in the first half of 2018. According to the project, one of the halls of the registry office should be located on the right bank of the bridge at the foot of the supports, and the second – in the suspension structure itself, which can be reached by elevator.

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